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Life in Reterra Board Game, Tile Laying Strategy Games for Adults and Kids Ages 10+

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Life in Reterra Board Game, Tile Laying Strategy Games for Adults and Kids Ages 10+

Ages: 10 YEARS+

The Life in Reterra game is a community (re)building game! Not long from now, the world as we know it is an overgrown memory. Though the world has changed, we’ve changed with it, using anything we can find to build a new way of living. It’s up to each player to build a community of their own! First choose one of 3 ready-to-play themed building sets. Then take turns laying tiles representing diverse terrain, and filling them with buildings and inhabitants to construct a community. The more a player’s community thrives, the more points they earn. Building cards unlock powers to help players score more points. Interact with other players, and perhaps even interfere with their progress. The highest score wins! This strategic tile game features an engaging story, mental depth, incredible custom artwork, and endless replayabilty. It’s a fun game for Family Game Night, vacations, and more. And tile-laying games for adults and families make great gifts for kids ages 10 and up and gamers. Life in Reterra, Hasbro Gaming and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro.

A COMMUNITY (RE)BUILDING GAME: Step into the not-so-distant future, where our world has been reclaimed by nature. In the Life in Reterra game, rebuild using pieces of the past to create cozy communities
•TILE-LAYING STRATEGY GAME: In this immersive spatial puzzle game, players take turns placing land tiles with diverse terrain and building on them. But plan carefully—the most thriving community (and highest score) wins
•MANY WAYS TO SCORE: Earn points by adding buildings and inhabitants, collecting relics, clinching terrain bonuses, and more. Strategize each move, and interfere with a neighbor’s progress to subtract points from their score
•BUILD DIFFERENTLY EACH TIME: Building cards mix up the game with unique powers that allow players to change their community and earn more points. Choose from 3 themed building sets, or mix and match to curate one for endless games
•WOODEN PIECES AND PREMIUM STORAGE: This light strategy board game features gorgeous art, wooden tokens, and linen-finished cards. Plus, each building set is housed in its own tray for tidy storage
•EASY TO LEARN AND SET UP: The set-up board and themed trays help players organize Building cards and tiles, so they can play right away and have what they’ll need at their fingertips. Score pad included for easy scoring
•COZY GAME FOR GAME NIGHTS: Tile placement strategy games for adults and kids ages 10+ are mentally stimulating and relaxing puzzle board games for game nights with friends and families. For 2 to 4 players

•Ages 10 and up
•Includes 104 Land Tiles, 15 Double-Sided Building Cards, 93 Building Tiles, 30 Junk/Relic Tokens, 32 Wooden Inhabitant Pawns, Set Up Board, Score Pad, 5 Storage Trays, and Game Guide.

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