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Product Safety

When you shop for toys and games, you can be confident that all Hasbro products have gone through stringent safety procedures.

Parents and caregivers around the world trust us to create safe, high-quality toys, games and experiences for their children. We never lose sight of our responsibility to uphold their trust by taking safety and quality assurance into account at every stage of our product life cycle, from design and engineering to manufacturing and packaging.

In addition to meeting all relevant national and international standards, every Hasbro product must pass our own safety and quality standards — which are often tougher than global requirements. We also work closely with national and international regulatory bodies to help strengthen product safety standards and promote best practices throughout our industry.

More than 5,000 Hasbro employees worldwide share in our mission to create the world’s best play experiences, and safety is always first and foremost in that objective.

So look for the Hasbro logo – because we care about toy safety as much as you do.

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