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The Lie Detector - Juego para adultos

Artículo E4641

The Lie Detector - Juego para adultos

Edad: 16 YEARS+

The Lie Detector electronic game is ridiculously fun and just might shock you when it helps you find out the truth. Lie detector tests have become a staple of pop culture, delivering hilarious results on TV and in videos. The voice analysis in this adult party game is designed to detect subtleties in a person's voice to help you discover who's telling the truth, and who's not. A player in the hot seat is asked uncomfortable Yes or No questions such as, ""If you found out your friend committed a horrible crime, would you turn them in?"" Create your own bombshell fill-in-the-blank Yes or No questions such as ""Have you ever fallen asleep while ____?"" You can also make up any Yes or No question you want! Just tell the truth and you'll earn points, but a lie gives the point to your opponent. After everyone has been in the hot seat, the player with the most points wins. Hasbro Gaming and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.

Includes working lie detector unit, 64 cards (252 questions), and instructions.

• REAL WORKING LIE DETECTOR: The Lie Detector adult party game uses a real working lie detector that helps reveal the truth with voice analysis technology

• GET IN THE HOT SEAT: What will you find out about your friends? In the game players ask high-stake questions to the person in the hot seat to try to catch them in a lie

• BE HONEST TO WIN: Push the button and answer a Yes or No question into the built-in mic. Lights and sounds help reveal whether you're telling the truth or lying. Be honest to get points to win

• REVEAL THE TRUTH: Have you ever wondered what your friends and co-workers really think? The voice analysis technology in this game helps you discover the truth

• WORKS WITH ANY YES OR NO QUESTION: Includes 252 juicy questions such as ""Do you think you're the best looking person in the room?"" Use fill-in-the-blank questions or make up your own Yes or No question

• Ages 16 and up
• For 2 or more players.
• Requires 3x 1.5V AA Alkaline Batteries (not included)

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