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베이비얼라이브 맘마를 먹어요 맘마를 먹고 “응가”하는 아기 인형(파스타 메이커와 재사용 가능한 인형 음식용 도우 등의 액세서리 포함, 3세 이상 여자 및 남자 어린이용)

아이템 E3694

베이비얼라이브 맘마를 먹어요 맘마를 먹고 “응가”하는 아기 인형(파스타 메이커와 재사용 가능한 인형 음식용 도우 등의 액세서리 포함, 3세 이상 여자 및 남자 어린이용)

연령: 3 YEARS+

Baby Alive Snackin’ Shapes Baby is hungry for playful pasta fun! Kids can have fun playing chef by molding the solid doll food in the shaping tray and then sending it through the pasta maker. Turn the handle on the pasta maker until… pop! Out come special heart, bowtie, and macaroni shaped pretend pasta pieces! It’s so easy, kids will want to make pasta pieces again and again! When the pasta prep is finished, have fun feeding the baby doll with her very own fork. After eating her yummy doll food, she’ll “poop” and will need a diaper change. With two cans of solid doll food included as accessories, kids can prepare different colors of pasta. She’s a perfect baby doll for girls or boys, who can also have fun combing her rooted hair, posing her, and dressing her in her removable outfit. Baby Alive and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro.

Includes doll, removable outfit, pasta maker, 2 accessories, 2 one-ounce containers of reusable doll food, diaper, comb, and instructions.

• BABY DOLL WITH PASTA MAKER: Baby Alive doll includes pasta maker that lets kids prepare their own pretend snack for their baby and then feed her!
• MAKE FUN PASTA SHAPES: Use Baby Alive solid reusable doll food, put the reusable doll food in the pasta maker, turn handle and out pop fun pasta shapes!
• SNACKING & STYLING ACCESSORIES: Pasta shaping tray doubles as a plate for easy snack time use. Includes fork to feed her. Comb baby’s rooted hair with her comb and remove her dress to change her diaper when snack is finished.
• DOLL THAT EATS AND “POOPS”: Feed baby pasta shapes with her very own fork and she eats her doll food! Doll eats and “poops” and then it’s time for a diaper change! Includes 2 diapers for changing time.
• PERFECT FOR AGE 3 +: A great birthday gift or holiday gift for a daughter, son, granddaughter, or grandson. Doll is for girls and boys ages 3 years old and up.

• Ages 3+

• NOTE: Adult should remove and discard fasteners/packaging components.

• NOTICE: CONTAINS WHEAT. Non-toxic. Conforms to ASTM D4236. Solid doll food creation may vary depending on the skill set of the child.

Hasbro 로고
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